Racing for Sate

With another week behind them, the Monarch cross-country team is advancing yet again. Coach Isaac Gonzales took both the boys and girls varsity teams to the Central Section Valley Meet on [...]

Making a comeback after a rocky start

By Nancy Gutierrez Several years have passed since the Lindsay First Baptist Church bought the building across from Lindsay True Value Hardware. The church hoped to create a safe place where [...]

Getting the scoop at school

By Nancy Gutierrez Students involved in the afterschool program in Lindsay Unified School District continue to utilize the Lindsay Gazette to learn more about their community and work on their [...]

Calif. settles NCLB case with schools

In 2000 a case was filed with the San Francisco County Superior Court against the state of California and state education agencies. The plaintiffs included nearly 100 San Francisco County [...]

Kimball named president of LCAC

By C.J. Barbre It's no secret that Mayor Pro-Tem Pam Kimball is a popular leader, verified by the fact that the appointed councilmember won her seat by a handy margin in the election this [...]

Chase through Cyberspace

By C.J. Barbre Unthinkable as it is today, there are those of us who can remember party lines or telephone service shared by two or more parties or customers. Back then, not infrequently you [...]

The Real Bill Deal

By C.J. Barbre When we think of the Secret Service, it's usually in the context of protecting the President or important foreign dignitaries, but its original purpose was to suppress [...]

Bonnie Anacleto

There will be no services for Bonnie Anacleto, 68, of Exeter according to her wishes. She died on Nov. 11 in Exeter. She was born on Dec. 12, 1935 to Roy and Lena Fife in Arkansas. She moved to [...]

Carlos Alarcon

Funeral services for Carlos Alarcon, 20, of Delano will be held in Buena Vista Cemetery in La Loma de Tecuyo Sinaloa, Mexico, where he was born. He died on Nov. 6. He was a farm laborer and [...]

Norman "Dean" Wright

Graveside services for Norman "Dean" Wright, 67, of Visalia will be held at 11 a.m. on Thursday, Nov. 19 at the Lindsay Cemetery. He was surrounded by family when he died on Nov. 9 at [...]