On Discipline

By Trudy Wischemann I’ve just learned a very important truth: It takes discipline to be a disciple. And I learned it from watching Tom Hanks become Mr. Rogers in the new movie, A Beautiful Day in [...]

Even Though

By Trudy Wischemann I have a strange list of gratitudes to bring to the Thanksgiving table this year, and I offer them even though I hope your list is more straightforward, less encumbered with [...]

Good Intentions

By Trudy Wischemann They say the road to hell is paved with them – good intentions. I’d forgotten the importance of that until the last few days, back home from Wine Country once again. I’ve been [...]

What’s Home?

By Trudy Wischemann “I just want to go home,” my brother Steve has told me many times over the past few weeks. It began when we were out running errands between doctor appointments, and I’d offer [...]

Notes From Home: Burning Desire

By Trudy Wischemann Our skies are thick with dust right now, but the air in Wine Country is jammed with ash, unbreathable. That normally beautiful piece of California is currently a scene of [...]

Notes from Home: Winter Coming

By Trudy Wischemann The light coming through my window has just dimmed, the sun gone behind a cloud. It is the slightest indication of winter coming, though it’s enough to make me look up from [...]

Old Friends

By Trudy Wischemann The Lindsay Community Theater kicked off it’s 2019-2020 concert season last Friday night with a beautiful singing duo, a couple called Swearingen and Kelli. The concert was [...]

Notes from Home: Justice?

By Trudy Wischemann Last week’s news had me questioning the definition of justice. There was the news from Texas about policewoman Amber Guyger’s sentence of 10 years in prison for killing the [...]

The Same

By Trudy Wischemann Two weeks ago I wrote “Different” for this column. It ended up being about Mark Arax’s new book, The Dreamt Land. This week I want to tell you about another book by a [...]

Notes from Home: Through Life

By Trudy Wischemann Most mornings there’s a song running through my head when I awake. Sometimes it will morph quickly into a little concert of songs, sometimes the same song will hang with me [...]

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