Notes from Home: Winter Coming

By Trudy Wischemann The light coming through my window has just dimmed, the sun gone behind a cloud. It is the slightest indication of winter coming, though it’s enough to make me look up from [...]

Old Friends

By Trudy Wischemann The Lindsay Community Theater kicked off it’s 2019-2020 concert season last Friday night with a beautiful singing duo, a couple called Swearingen and Kelli. The concert was [...]

Notes from Home: Justice?

By Trudy Wischemann Last week’s news had me questioning the definition of justice. There was the news from Texas about policewoman Amber Guyger’s sentence of 10 years in prison for killing the [...]

The Same

By Trudy Wischemann Two weeks ago I wrote “Different” for this column. It ended up being about Mark Arax’s new book, The Dreamt Land. This week I want to tell you about another book by a [...]

Notes from Home: Through Life

By Trudy Wischemann Most mornings there’s a song running through my head when I awake. Sometimes it will morph quickly into a little concert of songs, sometimes the same song will hang with me [...]


I got my tags from DMV a couple of weeks ago. My registration is due in May, but April and May were too full to fit the smog in, so I paid in time, got the smog check done in early June, and [...]

Pearls in the Pews

By Trudy Wischemann This past weekend I found myself telling my washer woman story again to a small congregation in Porterville. I was hoping to find at least a few people who could identify with [...]

The Washer Woman

By Trudy Wischemann When I was small, one of the names the neighborhood kids found for me was “Washerwoman.” It was only one of the ways that “Wischemann” could be mangled for the purposes of [...]

Home on the Range

By Trudy Wischemann It’s been a week and a half since the fire on Rocky Hill. I drive Myer Ave., the road that skirts the fire’s south edge, most days under normal circumstances, but since the [...]

Fire Signs

By Trudy Wischemann This past weekend, fire season was reignited around Lindsay and Exeter. Saturday it started off with Rocky Hill, followed Sunday by two lightning-struck blazes on the south [...]

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