I got my tags from DMV a couple of weeks ago. My registration is due in May, but April and May were too full to fit the smog in, so I paid in time, got the smog check done in early June, and [...]

Pearls in the Pews

By Trudy Wischemann This past weekend I found myself telling my washer woman story again to a small congregation in Porterville. I was hoping to find at least a few people who could identify with [...]

The Washer Woman

By Trudy Wischemann When I was small, one of the names the neighborhood kids found for me was “Washerwoman.” It was only one of the ways that “Wischemann” could be mangled for the purposes of [...]

Home on the Range

By Trudy Wischemann It’s been a week and a half since the fire on Rocky Hill. I drive Myer Ave., the road that skirts the fire’s south edge, most days under normal circumstances, but since the [...]

Fire Signs

By Trudy Wischemann This past weekend, fire season was reignited around Lindsay and Exeter. Saturday it started off with Rocky Hill, followed Sunday by two lightning-struck blazes on the south [...]

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