For week ending Dec. 8, 2012

Small grains and other field crops:

Cotton harvest is complete. Harvested cotton continues to be shredded, and the fields plowed in

compliance with the December 20th cotton plow down deadline. Winter grain and winter forage

crops continue to be planted, with some wheat already having germinated and emerged from the

soil. Alfalfa fields continue to grow, harvesting has slowed.

Deciduous tree fruits, nuts, and grapes:

Persimmons continue to be harvested and shipped to domestic markets. Kiwifruit is being sent to

domestic markets and exported to Mexico. Pruning and shredding in stone fruit groves continues.

Walnut and grape harvest has ended.

Citrus, avocados, and olives:

Navel oranges, grapefruit, mandarin, tangerines, and lemons continue to be received at packing

houses. Navel orange maturity tests continue to test above minimum levels for most loads being

received. Mandarin and tangerine maturity tests also continue to test above minimum levels.

Navel oranges are being sent to domestic markets and are also being exported to Australia, New

Zealand, El Salvador, Korea, Japan, China, Peru, Philippines, and Malaysia. Grapefruit and

hybrid grapefruit are being exported to Korea and Japan. Lemons are being shipped domestically

and exported to Australia, Japan, and Russia. Mandarin and tangerines are only being shipped to

domestic markets at this time.

Vegetables, melons, and berries:

Stored garlic continues to be shipped to domestic markets, and exported to Canada and Mexico.

Winter vegetables continue to be planted and are developing normally.

Livestock and poultry:

Rangeland conditions should continue to improve, following the recent rains. Cattle have begun

to be relocated to lower elevation foothill pastures.

Additional comments:

Roses are currently being pruned in preparation for shipping. Retail nurseries are stocking up for

the holidays with seasonal plants.

Prepared by

Marilyn Kinoshita

Tulare County Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer

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