Tulare County Crop Report

For the week ending

Dec. 29, 2012.

Small grains and

other field crops:

Winter forage crops continue to grow well, with most plantings already sprouting due to adequate soil moisture resulting from the continuing rains. Field activities have slowed because of the recent rains but should pick up later in the week. All cotton fields have been harvested, shredded, and disked in an effort to comply with the Cotton Plowdown Regulations. Some growers will be conducting additional disking to do a better job of mixing debris left on the surface.

Deciduous tree fruits,

nuts, and grapes:

Pruning in stone fruit and nut orchards and in vineyards continues. Stored nuts continue to be processed and shipped to domestic and export markets. Exports of almonds continue to Japan, United Kingdom, Italy, and Israel. Pistachios have been exported to Netherlands, Russia, Hong Kong, and Belgium. Small quantities of stored pomegranates continue to be exported to Mexico.

Citrus, avocados, and olives:

Navel oranges, tangerines, lemons, and grapefruit continue to be received and packed for domestic and export markets. Navel orange maturity tests continue to test above minimum levels for all loads being received. Packed navel oranges are being shipped to domestic markets as well as being exported to Korea, Australia, Ecuador, China, Peru, Philippians, Malaysia, India, Hong Kong, New Zealand, El Salvador, Japan, and Mexico. Packed lemons and tangerines are being shipped to domestic markets as well as Japan. Grapefruit are being exported to Japan. Domestic and export prices remain high for citrus.

Vegetables, melons,

and berries:

Planted winter vegetable crops continue to grow well due to adequate rain.

Livestock and poultry:

Rangeland continues to improve due to the continuing rains. Cattle continue to be relocated to foothill ranges. Range and pasture conditions are moderate.

Additional comments:

Bare-root roses continue to be received in large quantities at nurseries. The volume of roses being sent to markets is increasing. The roses were sent to various nurseries in Alabama, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, Oregon, Texas, Arizona, and Washington during the week.

– Prepared by Marilyn Kinoshita, Tulare County Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer.

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