Crop Row

CA families find food waste wastes money

California families have had to tighten their budgets in a poor economy, and according to the American Farm Bureau Federation, one way to save money is to decrease food waste. According to studies, families throw away one-quarter of the food they purchase.

With more meal planning, smaller portion sizes and eating more leftovers, a family of four can save up to $2,000 annually. Another recommendation is to accept slightly imperfect produce.


Cabbage growers gear up for holiday

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, and California’s cabbage growers are ready for the anticipated rush for their produce. Corned beef and cabbage are synonymous with the holiday, and farmers increase their production to meet a 50-75% increase in demand this time of year. California leads the nation in cabbage production, with about one-quarter of the total U.S. cabbage crop. Farmers say that this year’s crop is smaller than usual, so shoppers may see higher prices for a head of cabbage in the grocery store.


Almond by any other name

Consumers in China have started to see new names on labels of California-grown almonds. The new name, Ba Dan Mu, was developed by the Almond Board of California in collaboration with the Chinese food industry and officials. The timing for the change coincided with Chinese New Year in February. According to the board, China is the largest export market destination for California almonds, with 236 million pounds shipped last year.


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