Tulare Co. Crop Report

For the week ending April 6, 2013.

Small Grains &

Other Field Crops:

Most wheat fields have headed out with some being cut for green chop and other grain crops are maturing. Corn is being planted, some has started emerging. Alfalfa is being cut and baled. Beds are being made in fields for row crops. Some fields are being irrigated with ponding water from dairies. Black eyed beans are being exported to Hong Kong, Australia, and Singapore.

Deciduous Tree Fruits, Nuts & Grapes:

Orchards and vineyards are being sprayed with herbicides to control weeds. Cherry bloom is coming to an end. Almond bloom has also finished. Pistachios are pushing new growth. Almond and pistachio exports continue to be shipped throughout Asia and Europe. Early varieties of grapes are starting to push new growth and grape vine pruning continues. Bees are still out for pollination. Stone fruit orchards are leafing out and bearing fruit. Irrigation continues in stone fruit orchards and grape vineyards due to little precipitation. Walnuts are starting to push leaves.

Citrus, Avocados,

& Olives:

Late season navel harvest continues, with fruit continuing to be packed for domestic markets and export to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Chile, Korea, Thailand, UAE, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Some Valencia oranges are being packed for export to Japan. Lemons are being packed for domestic markets and exported to Mexico, China, and Japan. Minneola tangelo and Mandarin harvest continues for domestic markets, as well as exports to Chile, Colombia, Japan and the Philippines. Citrus bloom is quickly developing in many locations. Pruning of olive groves continues.

Vegetables, Melons,

& Berries:

Hot house blueberries are being picked. Squash, cucumbers, eggplants, and other summer vegetables have been planted. The warmer weather has been beneficial for plant growth.

Livestock & Poultry:

Rangeland is conditions are fair. More rainfall is needed to promote growth. Fed cattle demand remains consistent with prices around $128/cwt.

Additional Comments:

New irrigation wells are being drilled due to lower water tables. Bare-root rose domestic shipments have slowed. Potted rose nursery stock is being shipped to domestic markets.

– Prepared by Marilyn Kinoshita, Tulare County Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer.

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