Crop row

Farmers plant seeds for bees

Healthy bees equal good crop pollination, and farmers are working with organizations to introduce new flowers and plants on their property that help feed bees.

A group called “Project Apis m.” created a Seeds for Bees program. Both farmers and home gardeners can request free seed packets for plants that contribute to bee nutrition. Growers plant the seeds on farms to provide more forage for bees that are busy pollinating orchards and crops.


Farm innovation to be displayed at National Museum of History

Farms and ranches have been the site of many innovations, from milking machines to tractors navigated with GPS. The National Museum of American History will highlight farming advancements as part of a new exhibit.

The museum has partnered with the American Farm Bureau Federation to gather stories, photos and artifacts from farmers across the country. An Agricultural Innovation and Heritage Archive in Washington is expected to open to visitors in 2015.


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