BBB: Life Alert call might be ‘fraud alert’

Your BBB serving Central California was recently notified by Life Alert of a recent “fraud alert.” Life Alert is a Personal Emergency Response and Home Medical Alert System company that uses technology to provide home audio monitoring protection nationwide.

Life Alert states, medical alert imposters are claiming to be employees of Life Alert and are calling senior’s citizen’s nationwide leaving pre-recorded messages. The messages ask you to choose option #1 so you can connect to a live representative.

Unfortunately, the callers make it sound like a real person has claimed someone purchased a Life Alert system for you or they state you qualified for a free Life Alert system. It’s critical to remember that these calls are telemarketers scamming the public. Their purpose is to mislead you in hopes of getting you to send them money or get your personal information.

According to the Federal Communication Commission, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act was created in response to consumer concerns about a growing number of unsolicited telephone calls to their homes and increasing use of automated and pre-recorded messages. If you or anyone receives a call that sounds similar to this “fraud alert”, please contact the business directly and report it.

Always check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to verify the seller’s quality and service standards. Thoroughly investigate any business without a BBB rating, as this may indicate an unproven track record.

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