Scammers homing in on ‘work at home’ offers

BBB serving Central California would like to warn you about a recent Craigslist Scheme. A disabled veteran is struggling to pay rent this month after someone tricked her out of $2,100. Consumer stated she found a job with “RPG Art Gallery” in New York. They wanted to pay her to do some secretarial work at home. She than received a check in the mail for $1,970 after exchanging a few e-mails. The consumer deposited the check into her bank account and was told all she had to do was wire $200 back to the art gallery for a processing fee.

She thought it would be the easiest money she would ever earn. The consumer’s bank called her in and froze her account. The check the consumer deposited bounced. She wired the money back to the gallery before the check cleared. She spent the rest of the money. The bank took her next paycheck and charged her penalties. She lost a total of $2,100.

“Any time you wire money, I tell people it’s like throwing money up in the air,” said Blair Looney President of the Better Business Bureau serving Central California.

BBB suggest these tips for Work at Home offers:

• Consider it a warning if you have to buy something to start a program

• Beware of “no experience necessary” ads that promise attractive profits and part-time earnings, guaranteed markets and a demand for your handiwork.

• Realize that you may be perpetrating a fraud and risk investigation by postal authorities by selling the same program you bought to others. Remember if an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Always check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to verify the seller’s quality and service standards. For more tips you can trust visit or call us at 559-222-8408 and 661-322-2077.

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