Tulare Co. Crop Report

Small Grains And

Other Field Crops:

Grain harvest is finished, and fields are being replanted to forage crops. Double-cropped fields planted to summer beans, silage corn and Sudan grass are showing nice growth. More cotton fields are maturing with increasing boll set. Maturing corn fields grown for silage have started to be cut. Cutting of this season’s alfalfa fields continues, with minimal issues caused by the recent summer rains and high humidity.

Deciduous Tree Fruits,

Nuts, And Grapes:

Grape vine training and pruning to increase light penetration continues. Grape berries continue gaining size and color on all varieties. Flame Seedless and Summer Royal table grape varieties are being harvested. Kiwifruit are also sizing normally, with a normal yield expected. Pomegranates continue to develop size. Irrigations are frequent to reduce heat induced injury to grape berries and tree fruit. Cooler temperatures are welcomed. The stone fruit harvest continues, with exports going to Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Taiwan. Some of the plum varieties currently being exported are: Black Diamond, Fortune, Friars, and Owen T. Pluot varieties being exported include Dapple Dandy and Flavor Rich. Significant amounts of the white nectarines varieties Fire Pearl and Majestic Pearl are also being exported. High humidity and sporadic rain showers have growers applying fungicides to reduce the incidence of mildew and decay.

Citrus, Avocados, And Olives:

June drop in citrus groves is finished. Valencia orange harvest continues with about 50% of the crop harvested. Re-greening continues to be an issue. Packers continue to color sort and sweat excessively green fruit. Some Valencia exports continue to go to Guatemala, Honduras, Korea, and Mexico. Scale treatments are continuing in citrus groves. Olives are sizing normally and Olive Fruit Fly treatments are underway. Avocado orchards continue to be monitored for heat stress due to the hot temperatures.

Vegetables, Melons,

And Berries:

Summer vegetable, corn, and melon harvest is in full swing.

Livestock And Poultry:

Available water continues to decline because of the looming drought conditions, and has become a serious issue with springs and ponds drying at lower elevations. The supplemental feeding ofrange cattle continues. Fed Cattle Market remains at $120/cwt.

-Prepared byMarilyn Kinoshita Tulare County Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer


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