A Familia Face


Javier Loya grew up watching his mother run a successful business. Even at a young age, he dreamed of owning his own business – he just didn’t know it would be selling tacos.

“I always wanted to own my own business after watching my mom,” he said. “And for the last few years I knew Lindsay needed a place where people could come get flavorful Mexican food quickly but still be able to sit down and eat too. It’s a great business to be in because everyone wants to eat good food.”

On Oct. 10 Javier opened Primo’s Tacos on Hermosa Street. The modest yet quaint restaurant is tucked in the corner of the Texaco shopping center, but a bright yellow sign directs customers through the door.

In the last few years, Javier watched his mother Virgnia Loya run a hair salon, serve as director of the town’s Friday Night Market and executive director of the Lindsay Chamber of Commerce.

“I take after my mom,” Javier said. “I am always trying to stay busy but still make time for my family.”

Family played an important role in the name for his new restaurant as well. Primo means cousin in Spanish, a name he shares caringly with his relatives and close friends.

“I wanted them to know this was my place but also that this was a place where everyone is welcome,” he said. “The best part about the business is seeing and talking with all of the people I grew up with.”

Javier describes his nook restaurant as taco truck food without the remote location on the side of the road. Tacos, burritors, tortas and quesadillas are all $5 or less and you can pick from selection of great seasoned meats including asada, cabeza, al pastor, lengua, chile verde or carnitas.

“I know at night, when I was growing up we wanted a place to get some tacos that we could afford,” he said. “But people don’t want to go to a taco truck a mile outside of town where there are no street lights. That’s why I wanted to be close to the middle of town, where people feel safe and can come inside to eat.”

Javier said owning a business can be a lot of work but it is better than the last few years he spent selling cars. He said the restaurant has long but flexible hours which allows him to spend more time with his son, mother and cousins.

“My family comes in and I get to talk with them while I work,” he said. “It’s great. Lindsay has been very supportive and we have been pretty busy at lunch time.”

Primo’s Tacos is located at 342 W. Hermosa St. in Lindsay. Hours are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday and Javier is considering extending hours to 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights. For more information, call Primo’s Tacos at 559-562-1800.

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