Food trend watchers single out cauliflower

People who predict food trends have named cauliflower as “the vegetable of 2014.” One article proclaimed “cauliflower is the next kale.”

Another noted its versatility, saying cauliflower can be mashed, grilled, broiled, barbecued, served on its own or in salad. No matter how you serve it, the predictions about cauliflower come as welcome news for California farmers, who grow 90 percent of the cauliflower produced in the United States.


Study evaluates

avocado nutrition

Nutritionists say that people who feel satisfied after a meal are less likely to eat between meals. And the Hass Avocado Board says a new study indicates that eating half an avocado at lunch helped people reduce their desire to eat again in the hours following the meal.

The research, done at Loma Linda University, focused on healthy but overweight people. The avocado board says it is funding a number of clinical studies of avocado nutrition.


Californians eat more fruits and vegetables

Californians rank relatively well in their consumption of fruits and vegetables, according to a study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. People in California eat fresh produce more often each day than the national average, though the report says Americans in general still don’t consume as many fruits and vegetables as they should.

The study also ranked California high on a number of factors that influence the availability and consumption of fruits and vegetables.


Forecast reduces

citrus crop estimates

Citrus farmers and packers still don’t know exactly how much fruit was damaged by the severe freeze in early December, but government crop forecasters have reduced their expectations for California citrus production.

Compared to the previous estimate last October, forecasters said the navel orange crop will be down more than 4%, the lemon crop down 7% and tangerines down 2%. A new forecast will be issued next month.


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