Local co. helps farmers keep an ‘i’ on groves


In the business world everyone knows time is money. With that in mind, Scott Jones has found a way to improve on what is currently in place to help local growers save some time.

“That is exactly what we are trying to do, is save you time and money,” says Scott Jones.

Since 2008 CENTURiON Agricultural Systems founder, Scott Jones, has been providing affordable and effective wireless frost protection and monitoring systems to growers in Central California.

After listening to the needs of his customers, Jones began developing a unit called the CENTURiON. The CENTURiON is a field monitor that uses the newest technologies in cellular telemetry which allows growers and managers to access accurate and timely field data in order to make informed decisions to increase profitability. The field data can be accessed from any computer or on an app for iPhone and iPads and is readily available 24 hours a day.

“Our system measures soil moisture levels in the fields so the farmer doesn’t have to guess any longer,” Jones said. “They know the exact minute that its time to turn the water off. That is proving very important in this drought when water and power are so very important to everyone.”

With the CENTURiON, farmers can be anywhere and they will know what is happening in their field while it is happening. For growers and managers it helps eliminate the guessing when to irrigate or how much to irrigate.

The CENTRURiON also gives the client the information they need to save on watering cost and avoid over watering and even under watering.

“What customers are realizing is that they have been overwatering because they were only guessing as to what the soil moisture levels were at different depths,” Jones said. “Now they know exactly what they are and they are turning their pumps off, an average of 24 hours before they would have, prior to installing our system.”

CENTRURiON also integrates several other devices to measure other factors affecting crops such as temperature, rainfall and leaf wetness. Jones said the system is unique because it automatically sends data reports to company servers where the farmer can view all info on the accompanying iPhone app. All of the data is stored for two years and can be exported, and/or printed for the grower’s files.

Jones offered an example of the apps capability during another weather episode citrus farmers have to deal with – freezing temperatures.

“The citrus farmers and anyone else that is affected by the frost can set the parameters of their probes and be called when the temperatures reach their desired level. The server will then call them, email and text them with a frost alarm so they can ensure that they can do everything they can to combat the frost.”

Something Jones is looking to add in the near future is the ability to be able to start water flow to your crops from your location rather than having to go out to your crops in the middle of the night.

Another feature that is given comes in the form of an alert that can be set to the user via text or phone call to inform them when events require immediate attention.

“You are looking at real time,” says Jones.

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