Water shortages are effecting tomatoes

Food processors want to buy more tomatoes this year to make into salsa, ketchup and other products, but water supplies and weather could cause the crop to fall short of the record 14 million tons requested.

Overall acreage is up, but some tomato farmers have already reported water shortages and production problems that could reduce yields.

Some acreage for processing tomatoes has shifted from key regions such as Fresno County to areas with more water.


Orange-fleshed honeydew ripe with benefits

A cross between cantaloupe and green-fleshed honeydew, orange-fleshed honeydew is considered sweeter than typical cantaloupe and can be stored longer.

A U.S. Department of Agriculture study measured beta-carotene levels in all three melons, and found the orange-fleshed honeydew and cantaloupe to be on par with carrots as a source of provitamin A.

Researchers also discovered a compound in the orange-fleshed melons that metabolizes directly into vitamin A.


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