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The more diverse your investment portfolio, the clearer your financial future will be.

That was Garrett German’s thought process when he joined 20/20 Financial Advisors in February. 20/20 is a national partnership of 11 financial representatives in California, Florida, Texas, Indiana and Delaware. Collectively, German said the 11 partners manage 25% of the assets of Ameritas Investment Corp., worth an estimated $1.5 billion.

“Collectively we manage over $1.5 billion which means I have access to more to do great things for my clients,” German said. “I also have access to some really smart people.”

German said his partnership in 20/20 provides additional resources to add to his clients, drops his expenses by creating economies of scale and, more importantly, provides him and therefore his clients with access to other partners with expertise in every area of the financial industry.

“These are people who are experts in certain areas and are some of the smartest people in the industry,” German said. “They have a lot more expertise than I do in these areas.”

So what expertise does German bring to the table?

Customer service is his specialty. More specifically, German and his staff offer a system of meticulous record keeping on clients that goes far beyond their portfolio. Garrett, along with Paraplanner Rachel Torres and Director of Client Relations Pam Hart, keep track of what the family’s financial needs are, what’s going on in their lives and generally making the client-advisor relationship go deeper than an annual report. For example, one client broke his foot and couldn’t walk for several weeks. So Torres sent him a sympathy card, some foot shaped cookies and a Sudoku book to pass the time.

“I really enjoy the interaction with clients,” German said. “I also enjoy adding value to their financial situation but also to their lives.”

Recently, German added a spa getaway for his female clients as a thank you for their business.

“A lot of women who are grieving or struggling with divorce have a lot of the things to think about, and their focus is usually on taking care of their family,” he said. “They are good stewards of the money they just need someone they can trust to invest their money and make it last.”

Up until February, German ran his own firm Valley Financial Group in Exeter. German started Valley Financial Group in 1999 and moved his financial firm to Exeter in 2008. German did well by servicing a segment of the population often underserved and taken advantage of by the financial industry – widowed and divorcee middle aged women whose husbands left them with wealth but without the wherewithal to invest wisely.

“In many cases the man takes care of the woman and when he’s gone, the women come into money and aren’t always sure what they should do with it. My goal is to help them manage that money wisely.”

Locally, German is also known for supporting his community. In just six years in Exeter, he has served as past president of the Exeter Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors, past president of the Exeter Kiwanis Club and is currently vice president of the Exeter District Ambulance Board.

German’s Valley Financial Group and now 20/20 has sponsored several events and activities in town including KJUG’s Summer Concert Series, Exeter’s Fourth of July in the Park, Fall Festival, Full Bloom Garden Tour, the Kiwanis Club’s Spirit of the Holidays and R/C track at Exeter Hobbies and Raceway.

Most of his new clients come from referrals rather than advertising in town, but German said he supports Exeter because the town has enriched the lives of he, his wife Rebecca and their three children – …

“I love living in Exeter,” German said. “This town has changed my life and I wanted to be the biggest supporter of Exeter I could be.”

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