For week ending
January 24, 2015
Small Grains and
other Field Crops:
Field preparation and planting continues as weather conditions permit. Wheat, oats, and other winter forage crops are growing well, but more rain is needed. Some growers are irrigating to make up for the lack of rain. Field cultivation for spring planting continues throughout the county.
Deciduous Tree, Fruits,
Nuts, And Grapes:
Pruning and shredding continues in tree fruit and nut orchards and grape vineyards despite wet mornings and moist soil. Persimmons are still being harvested and sold at roadside stands. Growers are becoming concerned by the lack of good chill hours for stone fruit and blueberries. New fruit and nut trees are being planted.
Citrus, Avocados and Olives:
Navel oranges, Mandarins, tangelos, lemons, and grapefruit are being packed for domestic and export markets. Minneola tangelo harvest has begun, with fruit exported to Japan and the Netherlands. The damp, foggy weather has increased concerns over fungal issues. Growers are applying copper sprays and herbicides.
Vegetables, Melons,
and Berries:
Fields continue to be prepared for spring plantings. The planting of spring spinach and broccoli continues. Strawberries are progressing well with ideal weather conditions.
Livestock and Poultry:
Rangeland feed conditions have greatly improved with recent rains, resulting in the relocation of cattle to foothill and valley pastures. More rain is necessary to help with the germination and development of foothill grasses and forbs. The fed-cattle price is up $4.00 to $170.00 per hundredweight.
-Prepared by Marilyn Kinoshita, Tulare County Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer.

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