Tulare County Crop Report

For week ending
August 15, 2015
Small grains and
other field crops:
Corn continues to be cut for silage. Sorghum silage is making good progress, with some fields being harvested. Field tomatoes are being harvested for domestic use. Alfalfa fields are being irrigated, cut, and baled. Cotton continues showing good growth, with plants blooming and setting bolls. Dry Black-eye beans are in various stages of development.
Deciduous tree fruits,
nuts, and grapes:
The domestic demand and price for stone fruit remain strong. The season remains ahead of previous years. In addition to the domestic sales, peaches, plums and nectarines are also being exported to Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Chile, China, New Zealand, and Taiwan. Pistachio harvest is beginning, with last year’s crop being exported to the Netherlands, Israel, Germany, Poland, Luxembourg, and Hong Kong. This year’s almond crop continues to be harvested. Pomegranates continue to mature and are being exported to Australia. The domestic price for table grapes remains strong. Table grapes are being shipped to New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Costa Rica, China, and Hong Kong. Bartlett pears continue to be harvested and exported to French Polynesia and Canada.
Citrus, avocados,
and olives:
Presently, Valencia oranges are being packed and exported to Hong Kong Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Mexico. Finger limes are being exported to Japan. Lemons are being exported to Mexico.
Vegetables, melons,
and berries:
Yellow squash, Zucchini, Bell and Chili pepper, eggplant, tomatoes and cucumbers are being harvested. Sweet corn harvest is continuing.
Livestock and poultry:
Foothill rangeland water and forage are very poor at the lower elevations. Supplemental feeding continues. Feed costs for cattle producers remain high. The fed-cattle market price rose by $3 to $148/hundred weight.
Additional comments:
Shipments of wholesale nursery stock have slowed down with the hot summer temperatures. Potted roses are being shipped to Texas. Citrus nursery stock is still being sold and planted. New wells continue to be drilled or existing ones lowered due to the lack of available surface water supplies and dropping water tables. The 2014 Annual Crop Report for Tulare County was released on Tuesday and should be available on our website by the end of week.
– Prepared by Marilyn Kinoshita Tulare County Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer

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