Cristian Morfin was caught planting marijuana seeds in olive orchard with 4,500 pot plants


LINDSAY – If you thought legalizing marijuana was going to put an end to massive pot gardens guarded by men with guns, you must be smoking something. Hopefully you obtained it from a dispensary and not from a Lindsay man who was doing his part to keep the black market alive and well. He wasn’t even trying to hide it.

Cristian Morfin 31 years old

Cristian Morfin
31 years old

On March 27, Tulare County Sheriff’s detectives served two civil abatement warrants in the 1300 block of Ash Ave. in Lindsay and the 24000 block of Road 216 in Lindsay, after neighbors complained about the smell of marijuana and suspicious traffic throughout the neighborhoods.

When Detectives went to the property on Road 216, they found 31-year-old Cristian Morfin of Lindsay outside the home planting marijuana seeds. They also found three handguns, one rifle, a large capacity magazines and about $11,000 in cash. Detectives also learned one of the guns was stolen. More than 4,500 marijuana plants were found in an olive orchard on the property and destroyed. Morfin was arrested and faces charges of maintaining a residence for drug use/sales, cultivation of marijuana, possession of marijuana for sales, possession of a stolen firearm, possession of forged documents and possession of a large capacity magazine.

At the property on Ash Avenue, detectives found illegal marijuana grows within the olive orchard. A total of 560 marijuana plants were destroyed. Detectives couldn’t find the property owner.

Between the two properties, 5,137 marijuana plants were destroyed. The investigation into illegal marijuana grow sites is ongoing. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office at 559-733-6218. Or they can remain anonymous by calling TIPNOW at 559-725-4194.

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