Omni Health granted rent deferment in Lindsay

Omni Family Health receives a $16,000 in deferral for rent in April, May from Lindsay City Council

LINDSAY – The novel coronavirus has left no business untouched in some way, shape or form. Two weeks ago, Omni Health in Lindsay was forced to ask for some leniency on their rent while they shut their doors for a little while.

During the April 14 Lindsay City Council meeting, Omni Health representatives asked for a deferment on their $8,000 rent for April and May which include utilities. At the meeting Omni requested they make up their deferred rent by adding $2,700 to their regular rent from June to November making their monthly rent almost $11,000.

On their website the company states that they have been forced to close due to the novel coronavirus.

“Businesses around the globe are making adjustments to their current operations to meet updated guidance from federal, state and local agencies…to that end, Omni Family Health has consolidated several of our health centers,” Omni’s statement reads.

Council and staff agreed that Omni has been a good community partner and they want to see them financially healthy and contributing to the city.

Councilman Brian Watson said that they should qualify for Small Business Administration loans. Adding that Omni is an essential health business, different than the qualifying nonessential businesses who also have loan options available to them.

Lindsay is not the only town where Omni Health has closed up shop. They have also temporarily closed locations in Exeter, Delano, Shafter, Fresno, Oildale, Buttonwillow and Rosedale.

Lindsay City Council agreed to the rent deferment unanimously, 4-0.

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