Valley Pure dispensary essential in Lindsay

Dispensaries were deemed essential business under California’s shelter-in-place order amid COVID-19 pandemic

By Kaitlin Washburn

LINDSAY – Lindsay’s new Valley Pure cannabis dispensary has remained open during the COVID-19 pandemic as an essential business under California’s shelter-in-place mandate.

Wes Hardin, the district manager for Valley Pure, said since opening in February, the dispensary has been a success in Lindsay.

“Things have been great, the city of Lindsay has been amazing,” Hardin said. “Our staff is also largely from Lindsay and we’ve been getting positive feedback from the community.”

All of Valley Pure’s locations have adjusted under the CDC’s guidelines for business operating safely amid the pandemic. The dispensaries limit the number of people who can enter at a time, space people out who are waiting in line, prohibit customers from touching products before purchasing and sanitize throughout the day, Hardin said.

Juana Espinoza, interim city clerk for Lindsay, said the city expects to make $125,000 from Valley Pure’s retail sale taxes during the next fiscal year, which goes from June 2020 to June 2021.

“It’s an exciting part of a larger plan to get the city back on track financially,” Espinoza said. “It’s a new industry and we’ll see how people react, but so far there have been no complaints and they’ve done a good job maintaining their store front.”

Joe Tanner, Lindsay’s new city manager, said that a new business surviving is necessary now more than ever.

“It’s critical that our local businesses thrive and remain successful, especially in this climate,” Tanner said. “Every business is important, and when businesses are successful then the city is successful.”

Lindsay, just like every city, will see a significant drop in revenue due to the impacts of COVID-19, especially in funds from sales tax.

While the dispensaries can make a lot of tax revenue, the long-term economic growth is in how many jobs a business can create, Hardin said. With Lindsay now open, Valley Pure employs 50 people.

Even though Valley Pure has only been in Lindsay for a short time, they’ve already built a positive relationship with the city, Tanner said. The dispensary’s building was once a dilapidated space, which was fixed up and renovated by the company.

“They’ve been a great member of the community so far,” Tanner said. “We want to see them be a successful business, just like every other business in town, especially now.”

Hardin said Valley Pure is in the process of setting up another dispensary in Lemoore. The city of Lindsay is open to considering future dispensaries and cannabis grows.

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