Vie-Del extends offerings after acquisition

Fresno-based family owned grape juice company acquires concentrate business from Constellation Brands

FRESNO – The big don’t always get bigger. Family-owned Vie-Del Company, based in Fresno, just announced they have acquired the grape concentrate and high-color concentrate business from mega-size spirits operator Constellation Brands, based in New York.

According to the company’s news release Vie-Del plans to incorporate the MegaNatural High Color Concentrate product lines under the corporate Vie-Del Company brand and legacy product lines. This acquisition strengthens Vie-Del’s capabilities and positions the company as a leader in the high-color concentrate business. Together with Vie-Del’s existing concentrate business, these new capabilities will further enhance the company’s ability to serve the needs of the marketplace.

“This acquisition provides a seamless complement to our existing lines of grape juice concentrates, allowing our operation to further build upon the success we’ve created for more than 70 years,” said Dianne Nury, President of Vie-Del Company.

Unlike Constellation Brands with a portfolio of over 100 retail brands, Vie-Del can benefit from the fact it does not compete with potential customers in this industry.

”All our products are sold in bulk, we have no labeled products. We do not compete with our customers on the shelf or out in the field” says a company spokesperson.

Founded in 1946, Vie-Del Company is a family-owned fruit processor, winery and distillery operated by the Nury family. One of the oldest California based grape processors and suppliers of bulk juices, concentrate, brandy, wine and spirits, the company also produces a variety of other products for sale to the wine, spirit, food and beverage industries. The company operates out of two California facilities, one located in Fresno and the other in Kingsburg.

The unique name dates from 1946 when Vie-Del was founded by Fred Vieth and Jim Riddell. Back then they were just in the specialty wine business, but have since counted on new technologies used in the fruit concentrate, wine and brandy industries.

Today the majority of the business is comprised of grape juice concentrate, brandy/high proof, and wine. However, they do work in dealcoholized wines, grape puree concentrate, not from concentrate single strength juice, and a number of other fruit products such as raisin juice concentrate, fig juice concentrate, prune juice concentrate, plum juice concentrate, peach juice concentrate, for example. The business sports a woman president, Dianne Nury.

The company says they sell or have sold to almost every major and minor user in the beverage industry, as well as many other industries.

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