Better Business Bureau warns against RV scams in light of increased sales

Families looking to drive for vacation are encouraged to be aware of the scams that come with RV purchases

FRESNO – Since traditional summer vacations were put on hold this year many families decided to invest in an RV to lug around the spouse and kids. But as RV sales went up so did the scams.

As a result the Better Business Bureau is warning shoppers to do their research on big ticket items in order to prevent getting scammed.

With flights and cruises operating at little to no capacity, families are looking for a safe way to travel. Road trips have become the most popular way of travel for summer 2020. 559 Mobile RV in Fresno has noticed the spiking number of RV sales this year. According to a BBB Accredited Business owner Mr. Cook of 559 Mobile RV, “Due to the pandemic, a lot more people are buying RVs this year. It gives people a way to travel and spend time with their families while they have time off”.

Most customers are looking to find an affordable RV to travel with. While this is possible, customers must be aware of the spiking number of RV scams happening and how to avoid being scammed. RV scams are happening online through personal sale web sites, such as: Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and OfferUp. Cook also warns that RV scams are becoming more prominent in the local community. He warns that fake listings for luxury RVs are being placed online for extremely cheap prices to entice the buyer. Many cases involve a down payment or even a full payment and a promise to ship the RV. One of the red flags to spot these fake listings is only one image of the RV available on the listing.

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We understand with the pandemic that some may be uncomfortable with buying in-person and may be set on buying online. If this is the case, the BBB strongly suggests to research the seller and use a web site tracker that will tell you the date the web site was created and other important information. This will ensure that you’re making a purchase on a secured and verified site.

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