Cigna cutting Visalia office space by half

Cigna Insurance requests a reduction in square footage at county-owned office space, reduces rent by half

VISALIA – Insurance giant Cigna plans to cut its office space by one half at their Visalia call center by Jan. 31. Cigna currently leases 96,103 square feet in what used to be their building on Akers and Tulare Avenue in Visalia. The 177,000-square foot Class A office is now owned by the County (as of 2015) who uses much of it for their own office space.

According to a Sept. 29 agenda item at the board of supervisors meeting, Cigna wants 44,637 square feet going forward, half of what they had been using in recent years and about a quarter of what they had when they opened decades ago.

The county staff report says Cigna has been paying $135,194.35 a month for the space but now will pay about $63,000 a month.

It is not clear what is the effect on employment in Visalia since many of the company’s employees work from home even before COVID-19. A few years ago Cigna jobs in Visalia were listed as 700, one of the largest employers in town. Cigna had employed as many as 1400 in 2001 after construction of the new Cigna office.

Another large employer Jostens once had 700 employees as well but will close permanently in a few weeks in Visalia.

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