County finds positions for laid off employees

Human Resource reports all but one of the 28 employees laid off from Child Support Services will continue to work for the county in other departments

VISALIA – Tulare County may have laid off 28 positions last Friday, but none of those employees were forced to find a job outside of county office buildings.

Lupe Garza, deputy director of the Tulare County’s Human Resources and Development Department, reported the good news to the Board of Supervisors at its Dec. 15 meeting.

“I am pleased to report we have been able to offer positions to 26 employees who received layoff notices,” Garza said of the 28 positions eliminated from the Department of Child Support Services on Dec. 18.

Garza said 20 of the employees were reassigned as self-sufficiency counselors in the Health and Human Services Agency, three were hired between the General Services Agency and District Attorney’s Office, another three exercised their bumping rights to a position within Child Support Services. One of the employees chose to resign during the process.

“While this is a significant negative event that our employees are dealing with, we are glad that other departments were able to provide job opportunities and placement during this difficult time,” Garza said.

Chair Pete Vander Poel took a moment to point out the effort by the county to find a home for those employees even though the elimination of their jobs was a direct result of funding being cut at the state and federal level.

“I think it’s very important that we acknowledge this was a very difficult decision by the board to enter into but this was a direct result of funding cut from state, but within our own county family find positions for these employees so they will continue to be part of the county family,” Vander Poel said. “It was difficult timing near the holidays, and only one person is leaving county employment and it was by their own choice.”

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