Visalia Rd., Belmont intersection closed for 10 days

Paul Myers

Road crews plan to shutdown Visalia Rd., Belmont intersection until April 7 as a part of road widening project

EXETER– Drivers in and out of Exeter will have a take a much more scenic route if they planned on passing through Belmont and Visalia Road.

The crux of the city’s Visalia Road widening project is coming to a head starting March 29 through April 7. Road crews will be operating on, and below, the oft used intersection as a major part of the project. According to Exeter city manager, Adam Ennis, crews will be increasing the size of the intersection, and relocating a sewer lift station out from directly under the intersection.

He added that detours will be set up for cars coming from any direction, and business drive approaches will be accessible.

“We’re going to try to do what we can to get through and get it done as quick as we can. But this will be one of the pains that we’ll need to go through to get to get to the finished product,” Ennis said.

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