Woodlake planning commission approves new cannabis company

Planning commission approves permits for Consolidated Gardens to cultivate, manufacture, distribute and sell marijuana

WOODLAKE – The Woodlake Planning Commission has paved the way for a new cannabis company, Consolidated Gardens to join the budding marijuana industry in town.

The commission recommended the city council approve regulatory and conditional use permits for Consolidated Gardens to operate on an existing industrial site at 34484 Road 196 for cannabis cultivation, distribution, manufacturing and non-storefront retail business. The conditional use permits are tied to the property itself, while the regulatory permits are tied to the actual business.

Jason Waters, Woodlake’s community services director, said he believes Woodlake growing to be a cannabis destination is due to the city’s ability to get businesses through the complicated application process rather quickly, which requires licensing from the local jurisdiction and the state.

“I think a lot of these businesses are looking for cities that make the process doable—it can take years to get through the process,” Waters said. “That’s been attractive for a lot of candidates.”

Waters said the growing industry in Woodlake also plays into itself for appeal.

“With these cannabis businesses, there’s kind of a synergy, when you have cultivation, manufacturing and distribution businesses all located within cities they can work together,” Waters said,” I think that’s worked to our benefit.”

The permits for Consolidated Gardens will receive the final yea or nay from city council at the April 26 meeting.

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