Kaweah Delta evolves to Kaweah Health

Kaweah Health rebranding follows opening of expanded emergency department, opening of Tulare Clinic

VISALIA – Kaweah Delta has shed its name of 60 years to become Kaweah Health, updating its branding following recent growth and expansion.

In addition to the new name, the rebranding campaign for Tulare County’s largest hospital will include a new logo and an updated web site. Gary Herbst, Kaweah Health’s chief executive officer, said the hospital has risen “like a phoenix from the ashes” after a year of hardship amid a global pandemic.

“Never has there been a year in Kaweah Health’s history like the one we’ve just lived,” Herbst said. “We are modernizing our brand to show the world that we are innovative, confident, compassionate and progressive… Our new name and logo honor our history, unite us as one and propel us on our journey to world-class care.”

Though the Kaweah name is derived from the language of the Yokut Native Americans who first settled the area centuries ago—Kaweah meaning crow or raven—the public hospital district was not formed until 1961. The governing body will keep its legal name, Kaweah Health Health Care District, but the structures and programs will adopt the new name—for example, the hospital will now be called Kaweah Health Medical Center.

The rebrand follows a trend of expansion in recent years, notably the opening of the expanded 73-bed Visalia emergency department in April, the affiliation with the Cleveland Clinic, the No. 1 cardiovascular hospital in the nation 26 years and running, and the May 3 ribbon cutting of Kaweah Health’s latest satellite, the Tulare Clinic on the corner of Prosperity Avenue and Mooney Boulevard, offering health care to Medi-Cal, Medicare or commercial insurance patients further into the valley.

At around a $700,000 price tag, Herbst said he firmly believes the name change to be an investment in the future of Kaweah Health.

“It will help us grow our market and our share of the market by making our services and facilities recognizable, accessible and preferred,” Herbst said. “We’ll continue to put our patients first as we invest in new services, new technologies and new facilities. We’ll also be able to continue our efforts to recruit and retain the best and brightest who not only provide world-class care, but who infuse millions into our local economy as they buy homes here and shop locally.”

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