Lindsay open to mobile food vendors after passing fees

Mobile food vendors will be charged $150 per year for a permit, $45 per year for their business license

LINDSAY – Mobile food vendors now know what they have to pay to drive into town to serve hungry Lindsay residents. 

The Lindsay City Council voted unanimously to approve fees and permits for mobile food vendors. According to a city staff report, based on other cities with a comparable size and population staff recommended a $150 annual permit fee on top of the $45 annual business license. This is the final step in the process before food trucks could come into town. 

City Manager Joe Tanner said staff had been approached by several food truck owners waiting for their opportunity. 

“That was the final, final deal…now we’re ready to rock,” Tanner said.

During the Feb. 8 public hearing on the resolution, Virginia Loya – who now runs the Friday Night Market – raised her concern that the fees were too low compared to what she charges her vendors. Her worry being that food trucks might have a competitive advantage if they came to town during the market. Tanner said he did not foresee any issues. Food trucks have to be 300 feet away from the event.

“I don’t think there’s gonna be a huge conflict between the two. And it’s something that we’re gonna monitor and watch. And if it is a problem or becomes a problem, then we’ll address it and make the necessary adjustments,” Tanner said.

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