San Joaquin air district launches third UTV program

San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District re-launches a three-year program to replace old UTVs and contribute to cleaning up the air in the valley

TULARE COUNTY—Individuals can sign up for a monetary award to replace their old, gasoline-powered UTVs with a new, zero-emission UTV.

The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District (SJVAPCD) announced their third re-launch of the Zero-Emission Agricultural UTV Program for Monday, Aug. 1.

The program provides monetary incentives for the replacement of existing diesel or gasoline-powered utility terrain vehicles (UTVs) with less than 25 horsepower with new, zero-emission UTVs. The replacements will go to qualified individuals, businesses, educational institutions and non-profit organizations involved in a California agricultural operation as defined by The California Air Resources Board. The funds are provided on a first come, first serve basis and applicants must have a voucher signed by the SJVAPCD board prior to purchase.

The incentive amount for the replacement of the existing UTV, to purchase a new zero-emission UTV, is 75% of the eligible cost up to the maximum amount of $13,500. SJVAPCD board will not cover anything over the maximum amount.

To be eligible for the replacement, according to the SJVAPCD website, the existing, old equipment must be a self-propelled all-terrain vehicle, a UTV or a tractor with less than 25 horsepower. The tractor must be powered by a compression-ignition engine fueled by diesel or a spark-ignition engine fueled by gasoline. 

Additionally, the new equipment must be zero-emission, which means it must emit zero tailpipe emissions from its onboard source of power, such as all electric or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. It also may not undergo any modification that would allow propulsion by any other means. The new equipment also must have a minimum towing capacity of 500 lbs and a total vehicle weight of 700 lbs or more. It must operate 100% within SJVAPCD boundaries and must come with a minimum 1 year manufacturer warranty.

According to Roger Isom, president/CEO of Western Agricultural Processors Association, old UTVs must be crushed so SJVAPCD can confirm that they are contributing to cleaning the air in the valley.

Isom said the program is a “win-win” for everybody, whether they be a resident or manufacturer, because the UTVs contribute to making the air cleaner.

“We’ve really been surprised at how well they’ve worked and how happy guys are with them,” Isom said about the UTVs. “They’ve been a pleasant surprise, they’ve been very solid, they work and they will last an entire shift. So that’s been a positive. It’s a way to help the valley meet their clean air goal.”

Program materials like applications and program guidelines will be available on the District’s website on Aug. 1.

For additional information or assistance, interested parties can contact the SJVAPCD Grants & Incentives Department at 1990 E Gettysburg Avenue in Fresno, CA, 93726. They can also call at (559) 230-5800, email [email protected] or visit the website

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