Ice cream shop is hot for business

La Michoacana Plus relishes three months of successful service providing Lindsay residents with Mexican-styled ice creams, snacks, drinks, other types of treats

LINDSAY – Despite serving up cold treats like soft serves and popsicles, a local ice cream parlor is a hot spot for business.

La Michoacana Plus opened three months ago on July 16 and business-owner Emad Nasser said business is going well. As a franchise business, it can be found in other locations like Visalia, Tulare and Porterville under different ownerships, but Nassar said the small town of Lindsay is an ideal location. With towns like Strathmore and Exeter close to the community, which already has a population size suited for the business, Nassar said this marks the small town as a good location for the business to thrive.

“We are actually one of the best locations of the company,” Nassar said. “We did get a lot of feedback from the company, and from the customers too, as far as service, coming in and finding what they want, they like the employee attitudes…most of my employees are locals too, and [customers] see their friends, their family, people they went to school with, so they like that.”

The ice cream parlor is located in Olivewood Plaza at 210 CA-65 in Lindsay, a good location for drivers along State Route 65 to catch a glimpse of the building’s colorful lettering spelling “La Michoacana Plus.” There are also signs of colorful ice cream products on the building’s exterior and windows. In the building, various colors and light-up decorations make the business’ interior bright and flashy.

As a business owner for the past 11 years with experience in operating retail business, convenience stores, gas stations and others, Nassar said La Michoacana in Lindsay is different because of the customer dedication. He said he’s observed customers who are committed to the brand and its products and are willing to go out of their way to ensure they are supporting the business.

“One of the things I noticed is that people will come to you if you have a good attitude,” Nassar said. “They drive that extra three, four miles [even though] they can get it from another location or another business that sells similar stuff.”

Nassar said the idea to bring the franchise to Lindsay first came about from a business partner and investor, Sal Saleh. He said Selah noticed and liked the La Michoacana Plus located in Porterville, and knowing the area of Lindsay well, reached out to the franchise with plans to bring the business to Lindsay. After Saleh mentioned it, Nassar said he began to investigate the idea himself and found himself in favor of it.

“I liked the concept of seeing [La Michoacana Plus] locations throughout the state of California that had lines of people outside,” Nassar said. “And we just went from there.”

La Michoacana offers more than one type of ice cream, with milk and water-based popsicles and soft serve, all of which come in a wide variety of flavors. This includes fresh-fruit flavors like strawberry, mango, pineapple and watermelon, classic flavors like chocolate and vanilla and other interesting flavors like cheese, avocado and rice with milk. The popsicles, called paletas in the store, can also come with fresh fruit included in the ice cream.

In addition to ice cream, La Michoacana Plus sells other Mexican snacks like elote, which is corn with condiments like mayonnaise, butter, cheese and spicy seasoning. There are also smoothie-like, fruit-flavored drinks called mangonadas, which come in mango, pineapple, lemon and tamarind flavors amongst others. Additionally, the parlor serves refreshments like agua frescas, which are water-based drinks blended with fresh-fruit flavors like watermelon, cucumber, lemon and more.

As a seasonal business due to the need for fresh fruit to supply certain products, Nassar said he expects a decrease in customer interaction in the coming winter months. However, he said there has been customer interest in winter-time items and the parlor is looking to add treats specifically for the winter season. Customers can keep their eyes out for the addition of sweets like churros, crepes and drinks like hot chocolate.

For the time being, Nassar said adding the winter-inspired treats  is something being worked on at the Lindsay location exclusively, but hopes other franchises will adopt the idea down the line.

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