Farmersville charges toward new electric vehicle ordinance

Farmersville City Council approves first look ordinance for state mandate on electric vehicle charging stations in the city

FARMERSVILLE – The city of Farmersville is revving up to implement a new electric charging station ordinance. After January businesses lining Highway 198 in the city will be able to cut through the red tape to install stations for travelers and residents.  

The city of Farmersville is establishing an ordinance for businesses and residents interested in getting electric vehicle charging stations on their property. After the state adopted Assembly Bill (AB) 1236 in 2015, regions with a population lower than 200,000 residents must have an ordinance for a quick permitting process for the charging stations. 

Farmersville city manager Jennifer Gomez said this ordinance is complying with state mandates and will not change much when it comes to charging stations in the city, but said it could benefit businesses in Farmersville as well as travelers.

“If any of the businesses up by [Highway 198] want to install some charging stations just for the convenience of people traveling on 198…then people will have a place to charge their vehicle,” Gomez said.

According to Gomez, the city must comply with the state mandates and implement the permitting process before January. However, staff does not believe the requirements will be difficult to achieve and can be done in a timely manner. The ordinance was written in accordance with state requirements and, as directed by the bill, it must have a quick reviewing process for charging station permit applications submitted to the city.

The quick reviewing process was established by AB 970, which was passed in 2021. AB 970 provides expedited timelines on application approval for the charging stations. To accommodate this requirement, the ordinance will require those requesting one to 25 charging stations to wait five business days until the city determines if an application is complete or incomplete. Once it is completed, the city will have 20 business days to issue an approval to build the stations. 

Locations with more space and community interaction, like a shopping center or a mall, who might be looking to provide 26 or more charging stations will have to wait 10 business days for city application approval. After that, the city has 40 business days to issue approval for the business to begin building the stations.

As a part of the application, applicants will be required to complete a type of technical checklist for the stations. This includes checking the features of existing electrical services, like amperes, which are units of electrical measurements, and checking the ratings for things like system voltages and supply equipment. 

The checklist also helps the applicant to ensure that the desired location for the electric vehicle supply stations is in compliance with vehicle clearance requirements that are found in the city’s zoning ordinance, which defines how property in specific locations can be used.

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