Amazon to hire 500 employees in Visalia

Second warehouse will not provide same-day delivery to Visalia but will support same-day service in Nevada and elsewhere

VISALIA – Amazon is changing their story about the new 1.1 million square foot Visalia warehouse opening up this month. 

While Amazon is still planning on bringing hundreds of jobs, spokesperson Natalie Banke says the huge new facility, located at Kibler Avenue (Avenue 320) and Kelsey Street north of the original Amazon building, will be a distribution facility and not a same-day service service – clarifying earlier statements to the media.

 “Unfortunately customers in Visalia will not have the same-day service in their region, [at least for now], as this is a distribution center, not a fulfillment center.”

The project’s official name is HLA6, it is not a same-day distribution center but will support other same-day facilities within 500 miles, primarily Nevada at first, according to Banke. There are plans to expand support across the same-day network as it continues to ramp up.

“I was unfortunately given misinformation on the new HLA6 site in Visalia and have some corrected updates to share with you,” Banke said. 

The project will launch sometime this month but won’t be at full capacity for another six months. HLA6 is one of Amazon’s newer buildings, and this will be the third one in the entire country to launch. The other two are located in Atlanta and Pennsylvania.

In order to run the more than 1 million square foot facility, Amazon is advertising hundreds of part-time and full-time jobs at the site starting at $15.50 per hour. Hiring will take place in phases (weekly) as shift schedules are released.

Promising news

The city of Visalia said they still expect employment at Amazon’s second warehouse in Visalia to be around 500 and could grow as this regional distribution facility supplies more geographic areas.

“It is promising to learn that the new Amazon facility is one of only three such newer facilities in the entire country,” Visalia Economic Development Manager Devon Jones said. “I think that clearly demonstrates the unique and strategic characteristics of our location for such companies. So, it’s promising not only for the 500 new jobs expected from this center, but also because of the hundreds, and eventually thousands, of additional jobs that the other developments expected in the Visalia Industrial Park will bring as new tenants learn about Visalia. We’re very fortunate to have many active speculative industrial developers in Visalia such as CapRock, Diversified Development Group, YS Industries, Seefried, G4 and many others.”

In contrast, the existing 1.2 million square-foot Amazon facility, in service for more than a year, is a fulfillment center, meaning it ships products to end-use customers.

In the past few days Amazon announced that it is hiring 150,000 employees throughout the U.S. in full-time, seasonal and part-time roles across its operations network for the holidays. A diverse range of roles—from packing and picking to sorting and shipping—are available to applicants from all backgrounds and experience levels. 

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