Milton Stowe comes out of retirement to lead Lindsay recreation

After being retired for 10 years, Milton Stowe accepts a temporary position at Lindsay’s Wellness Center

LINDSAY – Porterville’s former mayor and current council member, Milton Stowe, stepped into an interim career in the city of Lindsay.

After being retired on and off for years, Stowe accepted a short-term position at the Lindsay Wellness Center. He will be serving as the interim recreation director of the wellness center until a new director takes his place, which he expects will be at the end of the year. He accepted the position in September, after being retired since 2012. Stowe said he’s simply “stepping in to help,” as the center finds new leadership.

“I enjoy it, I like working with the people that are here and enjoy being busy, working and doing things again. It’s nice to stay in touch with recreation,” Stowe said. “Although, I’ve had my years of it, so I’m looking forward to retirement again.”

This is not the first interim director position he’s held since retirement. In 2015, he was also the short term recreation director in Hanford for a few months. In total, he has a little over 30 years of parks and recreation experience under his belt. Before retiring, he held positions for several cities, such as Tulare and Porterville.  

As the interim recreation director, Stowe will oversee the wellness center, the recreation programs and the soccer fields for the city of Lindsay. Currently, he is starting on a few projects that include replastering the wellness center’s pool, retrofitting the center’s lights and replacing the HVAC system.

“I work with some great people, and so that makes it easy for me,” Stowe said. “I think the city is going in the right direction and has good leadership with the city manager, [Joe] Tanner and all the department heads. So it’s been fun.”

Stowe has a long history of community that extends past his parks and recreation career. Stowe was once the mayor of Porterville. Stowe was elected in 2014 and assumed the position for years, even while battling health complications. He had undergone a heart transplant in 2018, and needed a bone marrow transplant as well, the result of a rare form of cancer which he still battles today. Stowe relinquished his position as mayor, but resumed a position on city council up until this year. 

Stowe is now finishing up his time on the Porterville City Council for District 2 after deciding not to seek re-election. Two newcomers are facing off to take his place on the council, Greg Meister and Jason Gurrola. Meister is currently leading with two-thirds of the vote and likely to take the place of Stowe shortly. 

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