Local shelter takes animals on an adventure with new program

The Tulare County Animal Services starts a new program that allows participants to watch dogs for a day

TULARE COUNTY – Tulare County Animal Services jumpstarted a new program that gives dogs an adventure for a day.

Adventure Paws is a new program that launched this month where Tulare County Animal Services (TCAS) encourages people to pick up a dog and spend the day together. Some activities that TCAS encourages participants to do with their dogs is to go shopping at a dog-friendly store, go for a walk, take a hike or hang out at home and watch a movie. 

“[Adventure Paws] allows for our shelter dogs to gain valuable interactions and in turn, allows for potential adopters to gain valued information and connections with our dogs,” Candace Harrington, animal services coordinator said in a statement.

Participants must be at least 18 years old and have a reliable vehicle to take a dog on a joyride for the day. The process is simple: just sign up for a time to stop by the Tulare County Animal Shelter and pick up a dog between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. Tuesday through Saturday. 

All the necessary supplies will be provided for [participants], including a leash, dog collar, water bowl, treats, toys, a blanket, a kit that contains waste bags and an informational sheet of their dog. Once the adventure with the dog is complete, participants bring the dog back to the shelter before 2 p.m. the same day. 

“If you or your family is thinking about getting a dog for the holidays or for the new year, Adventure Paws is a great way to test the waters and enjoy an outing with one of our friendly shelter dogs,” Harrington said. 

Anyone participating in the program will be required to fill out an application, and TCAS staff will bring a dog that is friendly and that matches that person’s plans for the day. 

TCAS encourages participants to take some photos and fill out the pet’s report card to let the shelter know how well-behaved the dog was. TCAS will use the information provided to help find a forever home for that pet. 

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