COS kickstarts their 2023 Supervisory Academy class

The COS Training Resource Center opens registration for their Supervisory Academy that will take place in February

TULARE – In a little over a month, the COS Training Resource Center will begin their first Supervisory Academy class of the year, where students can learn how to be leaders.

The COS Training Resource Center’s Supervisory Academy will welcome their 2023 class, which trains individuals on how to be supervisors in the workforce, as well as other valuable skills they would need to achieve leadership roles in their future careers. The class is $950 per person for 36 hours of training and engaging in small-group activities. California’s Employer Training Panel (ETP) is offering funds for this training to eligible businesses or organizations. 

“The process of becoming more aware of how you interact with others and why that style is or is not effective is one of the key objectives of the COS Training Resource Center’s Supervisory Academy,” according to a COS press release.

The first Supervisory Academy class takes place at the Porterville Chamber of Commerce building on Wednesdays, and will run from Feb. 15 to May 10 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The second location option for students is in the Visalia Industrial Park on Thursdays from Feb. 16 through May 11. The Visalia cohort runs from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

“As you partake in this academy, you will begin to recognize and appreciate the strengths in your employees and learn how to develop and condition those strengths to better your organization,” according to the press release.

The classes will train students on areas such as communication, teamwork, cultural and generational diversity, conflict resolution, coaching, motivation, organization, problem-solving and delegation. The curriculum topics will be as follows:

  •     Fundamentals of Supervision
  •     Understanding Personalities
  •     Communication Concepts
  •     Communication Skills
  •     Navigating Conflict
  •     Cultural & Generational Diversity
  •     Teamwork & Coaching
  •     Motivating People
  •     Delegating & Managing Change
  •     Decision Making & Problem Solving
  •     Organizational Skills & Time Management
  •     Putting it All Together with Attitude

The cost of the program with ETP funding is $120 to $230 for 36 hours of training, whereas without funding it is $950. The training center encourages students to see if they qualify for ETP funding through their employer, as it is not a grant they can receive as individuals.

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