Rush Bowls serves up a new location in Visalia

Rush Bowls lands a spot on Mooney Boulevard with plans to whip up healthy smoothie bowls and on-the-go food items for a bustling Visalia

VISALIA – Rush Bowls announced they will be setting up a shop in Visalia and are set to blend up a storm of fruit smoothie bowls and on-the-go bites for residents by mid-February.

Jason and Clarissa Osborn, franchise owners of Rush Bowls Visalia, sought to bring healthy fast food options to the Valley after a turbulent pandemic. After discovering Rush Bowls, a Colorado-based food stand, Jason and Clarissa jumped on board. Their upcoming shop will be located at 3225 S. Mooney Blvd. The new location will feature signature blended fruit and vegetable bowls, smoothies, on-the-go bites and even specialty bowls for dogs. It will be open daily from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., and will be open by February.

“Commitment to health and community is a value we immediately connected with when introduced to Rush Bowls,” Jason and Clarissa said in a statement. “Whether our Central Valley neighbors are finishing up a workout, running errands or heading up to one of our beautiful national parks, we are excited to offer this healthy option that’s perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle.”

Clarissa said her passion for health began after seeing the damage COVID-19 did to the community and its families. With the hopes to give back to the community, Clarissa and Jason sought to open up a Rush Bowls in town, where they could align their passion for health and their work. Especially since being on the go is a norm in California, Clarissa said their new healthy fast food joint will hopefully keep people from purchasing unhealthy fast food.

“When we [discovered] Rush Bowls, we thought, ‘Oh, this is the perfect opportunity,’” Clarissa said. “It’s different, it’s healthy, it’s helping on the go families who are working, and moms who are running all their kids around.”

Nicole McCray, the chief marketing officer of Rush Bowls, said that they use all natural ingredients in all their bowls and food items. The idea was to create an eatery that would accommodate all diets and food intolerances. They not only do this by using raw and fresh ingredients in their bowls, but they also offer free substitutions of any ingredient if a customer has a food sensitivity. McCray said their most popular menu items are the açaí Beach Bowl, the Peanut Butter and Jelly Bowl and the Yoga Bowl. 

Jason said that though they are opening their franchise during a time where inflation is at an all-time high, the structure of their restaurant will keep them afloat even amid difficult times. Rush Bowls is not a sit down eatery. It’s a quick, easy meal that doesn’t require servers and has relatively low overhead, according to Jason. The only area that they have felt the pressure of inflation is with the cost of materials for construction. However, Jason said there has been a lot of support from Rush Bowls. 

“[Rush Bowl’s] mindset is ‘let’s get the store open, let’s support our franchisees,’” Jason said. “We’ve felt a lot of support around flexibility of materials. Some franchises are so set on the material and a certain [build], but that’s not the case with Rush Bowls.”

One of the biggest reasons they chose to open up a franchise of Rush Bowls was because of their dedication to quality food, according to Jason. When they flew out to Colorado to meet with the Founder and CEO of Rush Bowls, Andrew Pudalov, Jason said that he spoke extensively on the ingredients, texture and quality of the food at Rush Bowls. 

“That was something that really hit home. They know how to make quality food, and as we come out of the pandemic, I think people are more aware of what they’re eating,” Jason said. “There was a long time where [Pudalov] did not franchise. Its because there’s risk always with franchising where you ask ‘Will the product quality stay the same?’”

The dog bowls and bites that are offered are made from the same ingredients as the ones they make for their human customers. Since they use only natural ingredients, dogs are able to eat pretty much everything on the menu. Luckily for the pups, there are already designated bowls that fit their taste palette best. McCray said that in Colorado, it’s very common for people to bring along their dogs while they’re on the go. Clarissa and Jason will be keeping this feature in their Visalia location.

“With 2023 being a big year for us, our team is excited to grow the Rush Bowls community in California,” Pudalov said in a statement. “Visalia is a vibrant, picturesque area that naturally aligns with our brand and mission. We’re looking forward to officially joining the community!”

The road to Visalia wasn’t easy, though. The founder of Rush Bowls, Pudalov, was originally from New York city where he worked in finance. However, after the attack of the twin towers on Sept. 11, Pudalov had lost many of his friends. The traumatic event had led Pudalov to relocate and start fresh, according to McCray. He packed his bags and moved to Boulder, Colorado with his family. It was there that he found his passion for health and created a small, fast food shop that offered all-natural ingredients, giving birth to Rush Bowls.

“He lost a lot of friends [in the attack],” McCray said. “He knew he wanted to serve the community [through] healthy food options, and really entrenched himself in that and provided something the community really needed.”

Now, 18 years later, Rush Bowls is still dishing out fresh fruit bowls and pup treats. McCray said that though they do not know the exact grand opening date of Rush Bowls Visalia location, there will be updates on their Instagram @rushbowlsvisalia. On the grand opening, they’ll be giving away 50 Free bowls to their very first customers.

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