Tulare gets a taste of Quesadilla Gorilla

The new Quesadilla Gorilla location in Tulare.(Rigo Moran)

New Tulare location prepares for the community with their VIP nights, soft opening before the grand opening on Feb. 23

TULARE –  Quesadilla Gorilla’s newest location is cooking up good food and good times with the community for the lead up of its official grand opening.

Amanda and Matthew Perez, owners of Tulare’s new Quesadilla Gorilla location, have launched VIP nights during the soft opening for the new restaurant. The location’s official grand opening is on Friday Feb. 23, directly after the 10 a.m. ribbon cutting at the Tulare Chamber of Commerce.

“It’s about cultivating relationships… like bringing people together, creating a safe environment where you can bring love to the community and bring good food,” Amanda said about the restaurant’s opening. “Everything is made with such quality. You will not find a freezer here because everything is fresh. All the marinade, all the sauces are all made in-house.”

VIP nights are special invite-only nights that are given out to the community,  family and friends to bring them to the new location for a free meal before the opening. These nights act as a “practice run” for the employees before opening, as well as give the community a sneak peek into the new location.

Audrey Jacobs behind the counter at the new Quesadilla Gorilla opening in Tulare. (Rigo Moran)

The restaurant has a light and modern indoor seating area with a bar that serves specialty drinks and locally brewed beers. Partial owner Matthew selected the beers being served from local microbreweries in the area.

More seating is provided outside on the covered patio decorated with string lights, which is shared with Component Coffee. Amanda noted that the environment, coffee shop and outdoor patio of the Tulare location sets it apart from other restaurants.

“The outdoor ambiance of a place where you can come have the best coffee ever, have a quesadilla and have somewhere where you can sit with your family, where we have games and coloring activities for the kids,” Amanda said. “I feel like we don’t have a lot of places like that.”

As a mother herself, Amanda decided to include a small childrens table and a variety of games for the kids to enjoy while they are there.

“I’m sure there are more people like me who want somewhere to take their children and feel comfortable, that’s what I envisioned,” Amanda said.

The Gutierrez Family attended the new Quesadilla Gorilla opening in Tulare. (Rigo Moran)

Not all of the fun will be reserved for the kids, however. Amanda noted the restaurant also plans to host trivia and paint nights at the location for the community to enjoy activities, food and good company.

The Perez family was not originally looking to own a restaurant until they heard the mission of the Quesadilla Gorilla from the franchise founder Miguel Reyes. Amanda shared how quality food and an inspiring mission brought her and her husband to buy the Tulare location.

“It all started as a joke with my husband and then we met with Miguel,” Amanda said. “We just fell in love with his mission, and values and decided that that was the main reason why we wanted to continue his legacy.”

The founder started building the new location back in 2021. As the location became close to being finished, he needed the right owners who could carry on his mission. It was in August of 2023 that Amanda and Matthew fell for the mission of “Peace, Love, and Dilla” presented by Reyes.

“Who doesn’t want an amazing drink and amazing food, amazing coffee, like all in one spot?,” Amanda said. “I want to continue the mission that Miguel and Mikayla had in mind. Creating a space where we can cultivate community relationships and bring families together.”

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