Tulare County Crop Report

For the week ending October 10, 2020

Small grains and other field crops: Harvested fields are being disked and prepared for winter silage or other forage crops. Silage corn is in various stages of maturity. Alfalfa is being cut and baled. Dry beans are being harvested and exported to Guadeloupe, French Polynesia, Martinique, and St. Lucia. Cotton bolls continue to develop.

Deciduous tree fruits, nuts, and grapes: Pecan, walnut, and pistachio harvesting is nearly completed. Persimmons harvest is starting and some have been exported to Canada. Kiwifruit, and pomegranates continue to develop. Pistachios are being exported to China, Israel, Algeria, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Hong Kong, Vietnam, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand, and Germany. Almonds are in full harvest and are being exported to India, Japan, New Zealand, Korea, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, Chile, the Philippines, Singapore, Lithuania, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Colombia, and Spain. Walnuts are being exported to Turkey. Table grapes are being exported to Mexico, the Philippines, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Sugraone, flame seedless, red globe, crimson seedless, and scarlet royal table grape varieties are being harvested. Wine grapes are being harvested. Nectarines and apricots continue to be picked and packed for both domestic and international markets. Peaches are being exported to Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Thailand, French Polynesia, Panama, Indonesia, Taiwan, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Nectarines are being exported to Taiwan, Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, New Zealand, Canada, and Mexico. Plums are being exported to China, Canada, Thailand, French Polynesia, Honduras, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Colombia, Taiwan, Panama, Brazil, and Mexico. Pomegrantes are being exported to Australia.

Citrus, avocados, and olives: Valencia oranges are being picked and shipped domestically and internationally to Mexico, Taiwan, Japan, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Central America. Lemons are being shipped domestically and exported to Malaysia, Mexico, and Japan. Grapefruit are being shipped domestically and exported to El Salvador, Japan, Korea, and Mexico.

Vegetables, melons, herbs, and berries: Blueberries are being exported to Canada, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, China, and Taiwan. Summer vegetables continue to grow and the fields are being prepped for harvest. Early planted melons are being picked and shipped domestically. Eggplants, peppers, sweet corn, and tomatoes continue to mature and be harvested.

Livestock and poultry: Low elevation rangeland continues to dry and conditions are fair to good, but quality is continuing to decline. Foothill fires are displacing livestock from areas where cattlemen graze their cattle and horses. The cattle market has had a good week with high demand for almost all classes. Fed cattle market reports beef at $105 per cwt.

Tom’s additional comments: Local wholesale nurseries are finishing their summer plant shipments to local and out-of-state retailers. Surface water is flowing in most of the major canals.

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