Tulare County Crop Report for the week ending Oct. 30

Small grains and other field crops: Cooler weather and added rain has helped with water irrigation needs for silage and alfalfa crops. There are a few late crops that have yet to be harvested. Most fields are fallow, but a few silage and alfalfa crops still remain. Exports of dry beans are going to Guadeloupe, French Polynesia, and Martinique. Cotton fields are still being harvested for lint and seed. 

Deciduous tree fruits, nuts and grapes: Fuyu persimmons are being picked and packed for domestic markets and exports to Mexico and Central America. Kiwis are going to domestic and international markets including Australia, Japan and Italy. Peaches and plums are being exported to Mexico and B.C. Canada. Table grape harvest is continuing before the rains with packing of late varieties such as autumn royal and autumn king. Exports of table grapes are going to Japan, Taiwan, China, Indonesia and Mexico. Grapes are still being exported to Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Mexico, Vietnam, Honduras, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Indonesia, Cambodia, Trinidad, Tobago and Philippines. Pistachios are exporting to Spain, Luxembourg, Italy, Hong Kong, Columbia, Mexico and China. Almonds are being exported to the United Kingdom, India, United Arab Emirates, Korea, Belgium, Japan, Jordan, China, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Germany. Pecans continue to be harvested and sent to Malaysia, Italy, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the Middle East. Walnuts are being exported to Turkey and Israel. Pomegranates harvested before the rains are being exported to Korea and New Zealand. 

Citrus, avocados and olives: Lemons are being exported to Japan. Coastal-grown finger limes are being picked and packed for export to Japan. Olive harvest continues in large quantities and are being sent to domestic and export markets. Melogold grapefruit are being packed and sent to Korea and Japan. Navel orange and mandarin harvest is underway. Maturity is generally good so far. Valencia oranges are heading for domestic markets as well as China, Taiwan, Mexico, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Young avocado trees are being planted. 

Vegetables, melons, herbs and berries: Fields continue to be maintained for the fall planting season. Pumpkins are still being grown and harvested for local consumers at roadside stands. Heirloom tomatoes continue to be picked. Onion seed is exporting to Israel. Small amounts of zucchini and butternut squash, Serrano peppers, and okra continue to grow and be harvested. 

Livestock and poultry: Recent rainfall will help start rangeland grasses going. The fed cattle market remains at $124 this week. The cattle market showed limited offerings of middle weight cattle with vaccinations. Sheep are being moved into old alfalfa and corn silage fields to graze off old forage and weeds. Fall calving and lambing season has started for local beef cattle and sheep herds. 

Tom’s additional comments: Recent rainstorm is an added boost for crops. Small shipments of ornamental nursery stock continue to be received at county nurseries. Roses are heading to Arizona, Texas, and Hawaii. Junipers are heading to Canada. Incoming plant shipments are being inspected at shipping companies in Visalia.

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