Tulare County Crop Report for the week ending May 28

SMALL GRAINS AND OTHER FIELD CROPS: Alfalfa is being cut and baled. Other fields lay fallow before another row crop is planted. Farmers are also starting to spread fertilizer and till their fields to prepare for summer plantings. Corn is being irrigated and treated for pests. Black-eyed beans are still being planted. Cotton fields are being planted and fields are also being treated for pests.

DECIDUOUS TREE FRUITS, NUTS, AND GRAPES: Stone fruit harvest has begun. Peaches, nectarines, and apricots are being packed for domestic and exports markets such as Mexico, Canada, Taiwan, Costa Rica, and Brazil. Spring pruning of peach and nectarine trees continues. Grapes are setting berries before summer and continue to be tied and drip irrigated. Kiwi vines are done blooming and immature fruit are developing and increasing in size. Development of kiwi fruit growing under black netting is much more advanced than kiwis not growing under the netting. Pistachio nuts are being exported to China, Greece, Jordan, Turkey, Korea, Poland, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, the European Union, Vietnam, and India. Walnuts are being exported to Korea and Israel. Almonds are being exported to India, South Africa, the Philippines, Japan, Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Qatar, Colombia, Israel, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, Guatemala, Sweden, Mexico, China, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Pecan trees are done blooming and small immature nuts continue to develop and increase in size. Pecans are being exported to the Middle East, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Italy.

CITRUS, AVOCADOS, AND OLIVES: Some blood oranges are being harvested now. Gold nugget mandarins are being picked and packed for domestic markets. Valencia oranges are still being picked in large quantities and are heading to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Late navel varieties like lane lates are still being moved for export and domestic markets. Navel oranges are being exported to Japan, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, Dominican Republic, and Mexico. Minneola tangelos are being packed for domestic markets and exported to Japan and Korea. Lemons are being sent to El Salvador and Japan. Star ruby grapefruit continue to be harvested and packed for domestic markets and exports to Korea, El Salvador, and Mexico.

VEGETABLES, MELONS, HERBS, AND BERRIES: Immature blackberries continue to develop and increase in size. A small amount of bloom is still present on the blackberry canes. Previously planted cucumbers, eggplant, fava beans, garlic, onions, peppers, squash, sugar cane, sweet corn, tomatillos, watermelon, and zucchini plants continue to grow. 

LIVESTOCK AND POULTRY: Rangeland is showing signs of drying out from recent heat and dry weather. Dry weather has caused an overall reduction in the amount of forage available for grazing cattle. The fed-cattle market has stayed at $140/cwt. this week. There hasn’t been much change for demand of butcher cows and bulls from previous weeks, prices are staying steady. Higher fuel and feed prices are affecting the local market prices.

TOM’S ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Shipments of ornamental nursery stock continue to be received at local nurseries and stores. Cut flowers are being imported from Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Colombia. Wholesale nurseries are shipping out more spring stock to other states and prepare for summer planting.

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