Tulare County Crop Report for the week ending June 25

Farmers are spreading fertilizer and tilling their fields to prepare for summer plantings. Growers are turning on irrigation systems to keep soil conditions moist to support row crop growth during dry, hot weather. Corn fields are bearing more leaves and in early vegetative stage. Cotton fields are showing good growth. 

Apricots, peaches, plums, and nectarines continue to be harvested. Reflective sheeting is being laid down to improve stone fruit color. High temperatures have hastened the ripening of stone fruit, especially peaches. Peaches and nectarines are being exported to Thailand, the Philippines, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Taiwan, and Mexico. Plums are being exported to Brazil and Taiwan. Grapes continue to develop and increase in berry size. Field workers continue to trim and tie grapevines. More field activities are being performed in the morning than in the afternoon because of extremely hot days. Hot weather has caused damage such as sunburn on fruits and leaves in nut orchards. Kiwifruit and pomegranates continue to develop. Walnuts are being exported to Greece, Morocco, and Turkey. Pistachios are being exported to Mexico, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Italy, Taiwan, France, Spain, Malaysia, Poland, Morocco, the European Union, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, India, Israel, Japan, Egypt, Turkey, Australia, Hong Kong, Norway, and China. Almonds are being exported to India, the Netherlands, Sweden, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Korea, Afghanistan, Colombia, Germany, Belgium, Dominican Republic, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Taiwan. Pecans are being exported to the Middle East, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Italy.

Olive orchards continue to be cleaned and pruned; some trees have formed tiny fruits. Grapefruit are being exported to the Dominican Republic. Some citrus groves are being hedge rowed. Valencia orange harvest is still strong, with exports going to Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Late navel oranges are being packed for the domestic market as well as Japan, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Korea, and Taiwan. Star ruby grapefruit are being exported to Japan and Korea. Lemons are being packed for the domestic markets as well as exports to Mexico.

Summer vegetable crops continue to be planted and have developed well with the warm weather. Farmers continue harvesting cantaloupes and melons. Squash is being harvested. Peppers continue to develop. Blueberries are being harvested, packed, and shipped for domestic markets and exported to Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, and Mexico. Strawberry stands throughout the county are open and selling locally grown vegetables, strawberries and boysenberries. Onion seed is being exported to Mexico and the Netherlands. 

The condition of the rangeland is poor because of the continuing high temperatures. Continued rising temperature and dry weather has led to an overall reduction in the amount of forage available to grazing cattle. The fed-cattle market is at $137/cwt. this week. Bred cows and pairs are in high demand. Bulls and cows are selling higher than in past weeks. Calves and feeders are expected to be in demand. 

Summer flowers, vegetables and fruit trees are still moving at local nurseries. Vegetable plugs and ornamental plants are being sent to Colorado and Nevada.

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