Tulare County Crop Report for the week ending Nov. 19

Small grains and other field crops: Dried beans are being exported to Guadeloupe, French Polynesia, and Martinique. Cotton picking is almost complete and cotton modules from the fields are being moved to the gins. Corn and sorghum silage harvest is winding down with only a few fields remaining to be chopped. Harvested silage fields are being fertilized and tilled. Winter forage crops such as, wheat, oats, barley, and triticale are being planted. Winter grain fields have benefited from the recent rains. Winter grain fields vary from just starting to germinate to fields that have crops a few inches tall. Alfalfa fields are being cut and harvested for haylage. 

Deciduous tree fruits, nuts, and grapes: Stone fruit season is complete, trees are being pruned for dormancy. Grapes are still being picked even after the rain, but most of the grapes are being picked are being crushed for juice. Table grapes are being exported to Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Japan, Trinidad and Tobago, the Philippines, Taiwan, Korea, Mexico, Ecuador, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, China, El Salvador, Guyana, and Chile. Kiwifruit are being exported to Mexico, Dominican Republic, Australia, and Japan. Persimmons are still in the thick of harvest; and are being picked and packed for domestic markets and exported to Dominican Republic, Panama, Canada, and Mexico. Fuyu persimmons are being harvested and packed for regional markets. Most pomegranates have been harvested at this time, but a few fields are being cleaned up. Pomegranates are being exported to Dominican Republic, Japan, Mexico, Korea, and Australia. Pistachios are being exported to, Germany, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, India, the United Kingdom, Spain, Turkey, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Australia, Luxembourg, Italy, Mexico, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Switzerland. Almond packing is in full swing with exports being shipped to South Africa, Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Israel, Colombia, the United Arab Emirates, India, Panama, and Taiwan. Late variety walnut harvest is wrapping up. Walnuts are being exported to Turkey, Israel, Italy, the United Kingdom, France, Norway, Spain, Vietnam, and China. Pecan husks have begun to open. Pecans are being exported to the Middle East, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Singapore. Low producing and undesirable varieties of almond and walnut trees are being removed from production.

Citrus, avocados and olives: Navel orange harvest has been ramping up with inspectors checking sugar levels that have been seasonally high. Navel oranges are being sent domestically. Valencia harvest has ended in most parts of the county, with some juice fruit being cleaned up and moved. Mandarins are being harvested and sent domestically. Lemons are starting to be picked and exported to Japan. Pummelos are starting to be picked in the region for packing at local citrus houses. Melogold grapefruit are being harvested and packed for export to Korea and Japan. Limes are currently being harvested and exported to New Zealand.

Vegetables, melons, herbs, and berries: Fall harvesting is ending and fields are being prepared for winter and spring plantings. Lettuce, onions, and other fall vegetables are being harvested and sold at local farmer’s markets.

Livestock and poultry: Irrigated pastures are in good to excellent condition. Non-irrigated pastures received rain recently. New grasses are beginning to germinate. The fed-cattle market is up again to $150/cwt this week. Cows and bulls are in high demand, and bred cows are in a higher demand than in previous weeks. Cooling temperatures has helped dairy cows in milk production. 

Tom’s additional comments: Ornamental nursery stock continues to move into and out of the county from other parts of the United States and Canada. Winter vegetable plants are being sold at local nurseries for home gardens. Incoming shipments of ornamental evergreen pines are arriving from Oregon in preparation of the upcoming holiday season. Cut flowers are being imported from Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Colombia to flower shops in Tulare County. Incoming plant shipments are being inspected. Grass seed is being inspected and sold at local garden centers.

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