Agricultural contractors receive increase in water supply

South of the Delta-Mendota Canal, agricultural contractors will see an increase from 40% to 50% in their water supply allocation.

South-of-Delta agricultural contractors receive an increase from the Central Valley Project 2024 water supply allocation, farmers see an increase from 40% to 50%

SACRAMENTO – As the summer heats up, local agricultural contractors will be looking to get the resources they need to continue their work; and some of those farmers got a reprieve on June 25 when the Bureau of Reclamation announced another increase in the Central Valley Project 2024 water supply allocation for south-of-Delta contractors.

Thanks to the announcement, south-of-Delta agricultural contractors will see their water supply allocation increase from 40% to 50%. This is in contrast to all north-of-Delta Central Valley Project contractors who are currently at 100% of their supplies. All other Central Valley Project contract allocations remain the same per the March 22 water supply update. Initial contract allocations were announced on Feb. 21 and were updated in March and April.

“With the current and forecasted conditions that factor into Central Valley Project allocations, in particular, a greater than expected rate of exports during the month of June, we are pleased to be able to provide an additional increase to south-of-Delta agricultural contractors,” said California-Great Basin Regional Director Karl Stock.

For more information about water supply updates and past year’s allocations, that can be found at the Reclamation California-Great Basin Region’s website.

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