One of Visalia’s largest intersections will have better traffic control beginning on July 29


VISALIA – One of Visalia’s widest intersections will be safer next week thanks to a new traffic signal.

The traffic signal installation work at the intersection of Mooney Boulevard and Riggin Avenue is in the final stages. With work nearing completion, crews are preparing for the signal to light up.

Senior civil engineer Steven Weatherly said the signal will begin in flashing red mode, which works the same as a stop sign, on Thursday, July 25. The traffic signal is expected to begin full operation on Monday, July 29.

“Traffic control and safety measures will be taken to ensure that traffic can safely adapt to the new traffic signal as we fine tune the signal for full operation,” Weatherly said.

The Mooney Boulevard and Riggin Avenue intersection is the latest in the city to receive a traffic signal. Weatherly said a traffic study determined a signal was warranted at the intersection due to the total traffic volume that passes through the intersection.

“The new signal will increase traffic capacity and create a safer intersection,” Weatherly said.

When first turning on a traffic signal it is essential to make the transition as safe as possible. Therefore, it is standard to operate in a ‘flashing all red’ mode in the days preceding full signal operation (four way stop). This informs motorists of the pending traffic control change to signal operation. During this time, drivers should treat the flashing red as a four-way stop and observe the right of way rules.

“When the signal becomes fully operational on the 29th, we ask drivers and pedestrians to use caution as we all learn the new operation of the intersection,” added Weatherly.

For additional information on this project, contact the Community Development Department, Engineering Division, at (559) 713-4164 or at

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