Farmersville welcomes new councilmember 

Danny Valdovinos looks to help clean up the city as newest member of the Farmersville City Council

FARMERSVILLE – In less than a week the United States will vote on their next president, but the city of Farmersville has already elected their city officials. At the Sept. 14 city council meeting, Danny Valdovinos was appointed as the newest member to serve during the 2020-2024 term.

Valdovinos will not be sworn into office till December, but he is no stranger to public service. He’s worked on the planning commission for several years, is the president of the Farmersville Parent-Teacher Organization and works on several committees such as the Farmersville Memorial Day Parade and the fall festival parade. After working in the community for over a decade, he felt it was time to take on a bit more responsibility.

Councilman elect Danny Valdovinos will join his fellow council members in December when he is sworn into office. Photo by Jermaine Johnson II

“I wanted to have a little bit more of a say with the community, give more concerns, and be able to make decisions on big projects,” Valdovinos said. “I just want to see the town grow and prosper in a positive way.”

One area that Valdovinos has shown immense passion for is his support of kids in the community. He helps to host the annual Christmas toy drive which has been going on for over 10 years. The event has grown from 80 kids served during the first year, to nearly 1,000 kids last year who received toys. He also has a program titled, “Leave No Kid Behind” where he offers free boxing, fitness, and wrestling programs to help keep kids active off of the street. The program is run at Teamko MMA Training Center, a martial arts school he owns in town.

Now that he has been elected into public office, a big priority Valdovinos has is cleaning up the community and ensuring there are enough programs to help out the kids in town. The goal is to help bring the community together to tackle the more important issues.

“I want to see our town cleaned up a lot and hopefully we can start eliminating the graffiti and the gang stuff going on around town,” he said. “I always see people posting stuff [online] saying we need to clean up the town. I think if we work together it can be done as a joint effort.”

Although he was born in Exeter, Valdovinos has spent most of his life living in Farmersville. He is pleased with the extensive growth that has taken place over the last few decades, and is excited about future projects such as the new sports park. His vision for the city council is that they can all work together and put their differences aside for the benefit of the community.

“I want us to be able to find a way to work together in a positive atmosphere where even if we disagree, we can come to some type of halfway point to agree on certain stuff,” Valdovinos said. “My main goal is to have the people here in town feel like they’re welcomed and that they’re able to be heard. If there’s any concerns I want them to voice it and not feel intimidated to come to the meetings.”

His work on the City Council will not disrupt his commitment to the Christmas toy drive. That is still being planned to run on Christmas Day, and they are working to find a solution that will allow them to follow proper health and safety protocols related to COVID-19.

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