Letter: Measure P is good for Exeter

Dear Editor,

As you may know, Exeter has been working hard to ensure our neighborhoods and public areas are repaired, maintained, clean and safe, to preserve our small-town character, and keep our community a desirable place to live, do business, and raise a family, even in challenging times.

But increasing costs, state takeaways and unfunded mandates and the effects of the coronavirus mean we must continue to be self-sufficient.

That’s why the Exeter City Council recently placed Measure P, the Exeter Local Control/Essential Services Protection Measure, on the November ballot for voter consideration. If approved by voters, Measure P would enact a one-cent (1¢) sales tax to provide local funds for local needs.

As many know, over the last decade state government takeaways and unfunded mandates has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from Exeter.

To address this, the City has significantly cut from its budget, and established an Advisory Committee of citizen volunteers who spent hours examining the City budget, spending and priorities and provided input on needs and fiscal approaches. The committee unanimously recommended to the Council that Measure P be placed on the ballot for voter consideration.

If approved by voters, Measure P funding must stay in Exeter for our services—not a penny can be taken by the federal, state or county governments.

Please take a moment to learn more at www.cityofexeter.com/MeasureP.

Please remember to vote in this November’s election, which will feature an all-mail ballot as mandated by the state. Thank you!

Adam Ennis
City Administrator

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