Woodlake gives update on Antelope Creek Park

Ben Irwin

City seeks funding for proposed 19-acre park with sports field, dog park, skate plaza, gardens and other amenities

WOODLAKE – City council received an update Feb. 22 on Antelope Creek Park, the proposed 19-acre park for Woodlake’s northwest end of town, complete with funding proposals and design renderings.

Antelope Creek Park site plan.Courtesy of QK, Inc.

Jason Waters, Woodlake’s community services director, said the proposed park on the west side of Mulberry Street between Wutchumna Avenue and Sierra Avenue will bring exciting new amenities not currently available to Woodlake residents.

“We’re proposing a BMX bike pump track out there and a skatepark, both of which we don’t currently have in town,” Waters said. “The dog park and the trail system are also things we don’t really have.”

Additional amenities proposed for Antelope Creek Park include a sports field, multi-age playgrounds, yoga/demonstration gardens, arbors and parking lots. All these amenities certainly aren’t free, though—Waters said the price tag for the park is a little over $12 million.

Waters said the council approved an application for $8.4 million in grant funding from the Statewide Park Development and Community Revitalization Program, available to critically underserved communities across California. Through the program prop. 68 will distribute over $650 million through multiple rounds of grants.

The additional funding needed would come from the city’s Measure R local sales tax and Measure S cannabis tax funds.

Waters hopes to kick off the design portion late this summer with a goal of starting construction in 2023, but that’s all contingent on receiving the funding from the competitive grant application. Not receiving the funds would require Woodlake to reassess the park and find new avenues of funding.

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