Farmersville approves smoke shop off Highway 198

Tha Cloud Smokeshop gets conditional use permit approved to open at 444 Noble Ave., next to Hwy. 198

FARMERSVILLE – Adding to the city’s collection of fast food and cannabis just off of Highway 198, the Farmersville Planning Commission approved a conditional use permit for Tha Cloud Smokeshop to sell tobacco at 444 Noble Ave.

The store will sell tobacco products along with gifts, clothing and accessories in a retail space within an existing commercial building. The site is zoned service commercial, which allows tobacco shops upon a conditional use permit.

According to the staff report, the city’s main concern with tobacco sales is that they do not negatively affect the surrounding area, affect the community at large or promote the use of illegal substances.

City staff considered the location at 444 Noble Ave. better than other proposals the city has had for sites along Farmersville Boulevard, especially in the downtown area. The Noble Avenue location is some distance away from residential areas of the community, as well as schools and parks. City staff concluded it is unlikely that most community members would walk to the Noble Avenue location.

Cities cannot prohibit the sale of legal materials—such as tobacco and smoking devices like water pipes, vaporizers, e-cigs and rolling papers—but they can require these items to be kept behind the counter to reduce the chance of shoplifting and attraction to minors, a condition given to Tha Cloud Smokeshop to operate on Noble Ave. The Farmersville Planning Commission has required that minors not be allowed into the store unless accompanied by an adult. To further reduce the potential for minors making purchases, Tha Cloud Smokeshop will have software linked to government data to thwart minors making purchases with fake IDs.

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