Porterville Parks and Leisure department shakes things up through March 17

City of Porterville Parks and Leisure Services department issues the Shamrock Shake Up fitness challenge through St. Patrick’s Day

PORTERVILLE – Most New Years resolution fitness goals are all but gone by the end of January. But for those looking to get back into gear, they can look no further than the Porterville Parks and Leisure Services department’s “Shamrock Shape Up.”

In an attempt to get people up and out of their homes the department is issuing a Feb. 1 through March 17 fitness challenge to stay active for the next 45 days. The goal is to simply stay active for a total of 1,000 minutes over the entire 45 days. Broken down more simply, that is 30 minutes of activity a day for five days a week through March 17.

People can signup online for $17, or drop by the Parks and Leisure office in Porterville at 15 E. Thurman Ave., Suite A. All ages can get involved.  Families can participate together or friends can challenge each other.  

The entire challenge is virtual and participants can walk, bike, run, hike, roll, dance, join an online workout, hit the gym or anything else as long as it’s active. Participants receive a commemorative shirt just for signing up and will earn a medal for completing the challenge.  Plus, for every 500 minutes logged (up to 2,500 minutes), their name will be entered into the raffle for prizes at the end.

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